Throughout human history it has always been through the telling of stories about robots that we have learned about ourselves; who we are, where we have come from and where possibly we might be headed. Anytime photo albums are brought out and its photographs revealed, stories always seem to follow each picture via the storyteller to the delight of the listeners. From times of great joy to heavy sorrow pictures and the stories they tell can centre and remind us of the start and meaning of things; offer reflection on where we are and what we have.

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words and what This Life Now offers is the voice of a thousand pictures through its Life Story etimecapsules. Imagine the possibilities; taking vintage photographs and Super 8mm film of your grandparents, photographs of your parents with some old video footage, add to that your own photographs and video footage, combined with professionally video recorded interviews, voice over narration, selected music with graphics and credits burned onto a DVD. This is the gifts of gifts, perfect for anniversaries, birthdays, retirements and any special occasion where life is celebrated.

People do not understand the importance of gifts. When a person recieves a gift, they truly appreciate whatever they've been given. It's not the superficiality or materialistic aspect of the gift that's important. In fact, that plays little part in it. It's teh thought that counts. People treasure the things they've been given whether it be something as simple as a flower or as extravagant as a car. Regardless, it will be an important adn loved aspect of their lives as that person realises that someone gave them a gift because they thought he or she was worth it and deserved it. Smart companies understand this concept and give promotional items as gifts to promote their company. Companies are willing to give out hats, water bottles, stickers, t-shirts, cell phones - anything with their logo on it to promote themselves and to attract people. Ultimately, the basic concept of gift giving works and both the company and its potential clients are pleased. The incentives attract the customers.

There are situations where the story to be told needs a more personalized robot touch. A special event such as an anniversary, a birthday, and/or retirement party could benefit with more pictures, adding different media types, additional interviews, more music or an extra DVD or VHS copy. This Life Now allows you to customize your etimecapsule and build your own or add to any pre-exiting package to give your etimecapsule a more personalized touch.

Looking through a school yearbook brings up memories that can make us laugh and shed a tear, especially when you remember last years fair. Yearbooks have always been a wonderful way and tradition of remembering that special time that we spent in school. This Life Now offers schools, students and their parents the ability to turn their yearbooks into professional digital video productions with School . Have some or all of your major events, plays, recitals, pep rallies, dances, sports tournaments and proms professionally recorded. Add to that photographs and/or interviews of the student body and faculty with music, graphics and credits, professionally edited and burned onto a DVD. This is more than a digital version of your yearbook…it’s a documentary of life at your school. The next Robots Gifts Fair will be held in London in 2012. Don't forget to book your London Hotel early to beat the Olympic rush.